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What Is Clinically Clean?

You know when it looks clean and smells clean, but here’s how to know when it’s Clinically CleanTM


Clinically Clean is a clean that’s not only bacteria and germ free but also mold and allergen free. It’s fragrance-free too. We don’t just mask odors,
we eliminate them.


Clinically Clean is also a safe clean—EPA-registered and NSF-certified safe for use on food contact surfaces; non-irritating and non-corrosive so it’s


safe for use around sensitive electronics. Leaves no visible residue.


Clinically Clean spray services and products are only available through the Clinically Clean Certified Technicians at Sanitize IT Clean.


Sanitize IT Clean technicians are certified through Aseptic Health to use Aseptic Plus® cleaning solutions in residential and commercial spaces including HVAC air ducts, restaurants, hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, schools, day care, food preparation facilities, and more to sanitize, disinfect, degrease and deodorize.


Give us your biggest, baddest problems. The solution
is a spray away.

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